東方Project 第16弾 「東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.」

* Referring to the patching process, not the translation process. Actual translation times vary depending on your language. For example, English translation might not start until a day after the release, and is expected to be completed after another 1-2 days after that, if the trial is any indication. Refer to your friendly local translation groups for more information.

Estimated availability of the full version

Download availability times have been falling like crazy over the last few years.
From the time the convention opened its doors:

(2013, Reitaisai) TH14 trial
(2013, Comiket) TH14 full
(2014, Reitaisai) TH14.3 full
(2015, Reitaisai) TH15 trial
(2015, Comiket) TH15 full
(2017, Reitaisai) TH16 trial
8h 02m
7h 37m
7h 38m
3h 39m
4h 38m
2h 15m

Therefore, we're estimating the TH16 full version to be available after roughly 2h 0m.

Too optimistic? Probably, but let's see.

Patch livestream!

This time on YouTube, because it is apparently superior on slower internet connections, while still allowing us to stream with a higher bitrate.

Which also means it'll be automatically archived for once! 🙌


Comiket 92 opens
Estimated availability, -15m
August 11, 01:00 AM UTC
+ 1h 45m
Stream starts August 11, 02:45 AM UTC


Again, with a Discord voice chat over at the Touhou Patch Center server.


(No dedicated practice stream this time, simply because there isn't a lot to practice for a full version release. There will be a short test stream at a random time before the game, though.)

And guess what, we'll be even faster this time!

Three more people will help with the wiki, Skipgame, and hardcoded strings / custom.exe, respectively.


Can you still help? Absolutely! In descending order of importance:

  • Catch some Japanese livestreams of the game while we're waiting for game downloads, and make a screenshot of the first textbox in every dialog sequence of every stage. Only needed for one single player character.
    This will help us with the correct dialog order for the wiki, which can't always be deduced from the raw data files.
  • A fully (or at least above-average) unlocked scoreth16.dat would help a lot.
  • Figure out any weird conditions for special endings. (TH13 Parallel Endings, anyone?)
  • Provide replays, preferably in Hard or Lunatic mode because of their extra spell cards.


Please note that it would only be worth it if you can help us with this within about 1 or 2 hours after we started the patching work. If you can't, just enjoy the game instead. 🙂

Order in which things will be put on the wiki

Since we've had a trial before, just porting the hacks over will also make the full version content appear immediately in-game as soon as it's on the wiki.

(This also applies to endings, which weren't in the trial, but not to Spell Practice.)

The order for the new things will be:

  • Music Room
  • Images
  • Dialogue
  • Endings
  • (instant_ending)
  • Spell cards
  • (Any surprises)
Skipgame, hardcoded strings, the resolution dialog and custom.exe are done in parallel.

Raw text dumps of everything except spell cards will be dropped into the Discord immediately after we get the game, for even speedier translation.

Let's make it happen!




TH16 full version patching stream August 11, 02:45 AM UTC