It's a weird one again

東方Project 第16.5弾 「 秘封ナイトメアダイアリー 〜 .」

  • Full version release: Comiket 94, Day 1
    August 10, 2018
  • ✅ TH16 trial: Completely patched* on Day 1.
    ✅ TH16 full: Completely patched* on Day 1.
  • This ain't a regular main series game though.
  • ???
  • Profit?

* The usual disclaimer: Patching in slides like these does never refer to actual translations into specific languages being made. Refer to your friendly local translation groups for more information regarding their plans for this game.

Estimated availability of downloads

… Haha, I won't even try this time. Last time, I expected a further drop in download availability times, but look what happened. Relative to the time the convention opened its doors:

And after shut down for good in January of this year, we probably have to rely on the slightly less professional services of random posters from Baidu Tieba once again.


Which also means that I'll try to enjoy a reasonable Middle-European sleep this time.

Meaning: No patch development until some unspecified "morning time" in UTC+2. 🤷‍

So what is this "" game?

That is, technically speaking. We can tell that it will be pretty image-heavy once again. Theoretically, this is a good thing: Images are usually entirely ripped a few minutes after we have the game, allowing spriters and patchers to progress independently without tons of bottlenecks.

(And then nobody cares about that magic feel of the game being patched live in front of their eyes and people only even start playing gets the game once the English translators say "yup, 100% done")

But is it a Double Spoiler?

It sure looks like it, but that game is over 8 years old. Can ZUN be lazy enough to leave an 8-year-old engine untouched? (Please!)

Or is it an Impossible Spell Card?

A lot of things point towards that being the base for this game.

Why is this relevant?

  • I didn't implement patching support for DS's mission comments. Egor did, and he may or may not be able to deliver it for on Day 1
  • Patch support for all the ISC-specific things ended up as an overly perfectionistic nightmare, as explained earlier

The ISC nightmare is now over, though, but who knows how hard it would be to do it all over again.


I don't. Yet.

Which means I need to practice both cases, by travelling back in time and repatching both 12.5 and 14.3 from scratch.


Practice stream: Thursday, August 9, 02:00 PM UTC , on YouTube.

Order in which things will be…

Day 0 … translatable*
Resolution dialog &  custom.exe
… translated and patched** … helpfully provided
Day 1 Music Room
Nicknames / day descriptions
Help messages
Spell cards

Music Room

Spell cards
( … scoreth165.dat and scene comments, whenever they are ready … )
End of Day 1 Hardcoded strings

Nicknames / day descriptions / help messages
Hardcoded strings
Resolution dialog &  custom.exe
In 3 Days™ (Anything else)

(* This order guarantees a steady stream of new translatable content for the translators and minimizes any bottlenecks in the process. Orange and red indicate that this type of content will only be slotted in at this position if it is implemented the same way as in Double Spoiler or Impossible Spell Card, respectively.)

(** Obviously requires translators to follow the same order. Should be understood as "first pieces of X appear translated", not "X is completely done at this point.")

And now a special message for our spriters

Do you translate into a non-English, Latin script language?

Do you think romaji is cool?

Does your patch consequently have script_latin and maybe also western_name_order as part of its dependencies?


Then you probably shouldn't waste your time creating new sprites for character name romanizations; they will be created for you as part of the aforementioned two patches.

Again, will likely have tons of images. Your patch will be better off if you put that effort into literally any other sprite.


(Unless you are one of those spriters who have commit access to those two patches and will actually be creating those romanization sprites. You know who you are.)

(This of course only applies to sprites where such a character name is in its own sprite, with nothing else surrounding it.)

(If the game even has sprites like this.)

Please let this be not as bad as 14.3


🎥 12.5 / 14.3 practice stream August 9, 02:00 PM UTC
⛩️ Comiket 94 opens August 10, 01:00 AM UTC
🎥 16.5 patching stream August 10, after the game reached my hard drive
💁‍ Controlled patch dev help
💰 thcrap / ReC98 crowdfunding
🖊 Hire me 📧