東方Project 第16弾 「東方天空璋 ~ Hidden Star in Four Seasons.」

  • Trial version release: Reitaisai 14
    May 7, 2017
  • "An ordinary STG" – assuming no changes from the usual Touhou formula
  • Complete Day 1 thcrap support of the trial actually realistic this time!
  • HYPE

Estimated availability of the TH16 trial

Download availability times for previous ZUN trial releases, after Reitaisai opened its doors:

(2013) TH14
(2014) TH14.3
(2015) TH15
8h 02m
7h 37m
3h 39m
(2017) TH16? ~ 4h 0m?

Patch livestream!

This time in 1080p and with a Discord voice chat.


Reitaisai 14 opens
Estimated availability
May 7, 01:30 AM UTC
+ 4h 0m
Stream starts May 7, 05:00 AM UTC


Have to value my sleep pattern these days.

If the game is available before that: Sorry. Please accept the delay. 🤷

Order in which things will be…

… translatable* … translated and patched**
Music Room

Spell cards

Music Room

Hardcoded strings
Resolution dialog & custom.exe
(Anything else)
Spell cards
Hardcoded strings
Resolution dialog & custom.exe

(* This order guarantees a steady stream of new translatable content for the translators and minimizes any bottlenecks in the process.)

(** Obviously requires translators to follow the same order. Should be understood as "first pieces of X appear translated", not "X is completely done at this point.")

I can use some help

Preferably from one of the translators on Touhou Patch Center.


The patch schedule includes a bunch of "non-development" work. Examples:

  • Spoiling all translation-relevant information when the stream starts (new characters, stages, etc.)
  • Putting pages on and uploading original images to the wiki
  • Providing a fully unlocked scoreth16.dat


Ctrl-F for ND: on that page for all of it.

Requires Dropbox for file sharing.

Practice stream

In which TH15 support for thcrap will be redone from scratch.

Time: May 6, 11:00 AM UTC

Rough estimate of how long TH16 patch development will take on Sunday.


Remaining bugs in the current thcrap support for TH15:

  • Stage 6 "Legacy with misses" dialog not reachable with Skipgame
  • Spell card statistics in the Result screen aren't properly aligned
  • Latin script font is a bit ugly
  • Latin script font too huge on Japanese locale
  • Latin script ruby font too small


Will be fixed during that stream.

Inevitable questions about that other game

東方Project 第15.5弾 「東方憑依華 ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers.」

brliron will be working on it.

Tasofro games are complex beasts. Will likely take a long time before it's patchable.

See you there!




Patch practice stream May 6, 11:00 AM UTC
TH16 trial patching stream May 7, 05:00 AM UTC